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Visit Viterbo

Viterbo’s historic center is one of the best preserved medieval towns of central Italy. Many of the older buildings (particularly churches) are built on top of ancient runs.

The main attraction of Viterbo is the Papal Palace (Palazzo dei Papi), that served as a country residence and a repair in time of trouble in Rome.

The columns of the palace are spolia from a Roman temple.

The historic center of the city is surrounded by medieval walls, still intact, built during the 11th and 12th centuries. Entrance to the walled center of the city is through ancient gates.

Viterbo is renowned for its pottery, marble and wood. The town also hosts the Italian gold reserves, an important Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Tuscia, and it is home of the Tuscia Operafestival.

Viterbo, located in a wide thermal area, is a tourist destination for Italians and global travelers alike.