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Italian Opera Studio


ITALIAN OPERA STUDIO is a professional training educational project for Singers and Pianists conceived as complementary to and in support of academic programs.

Italian Opera10365803_667444333329207_6349912544506708947_n Studio is designed to help students with overall language skills and individual interpretive style.

The objective of the Italian Opera Studio is to have the student acquire a level of excellence in diction, text comprehension or in piano technique  and overall understanding of the method in approaching the study of Italian Opera, essential for the professional success of  young singers.

At Italian Opera Studio we have helped for 23 years, hundreds of students begin and continue on their musical journey. We are the fastest growing opportunity for private lessons in Des Moines Iowa, offering coachings in all Italian Opera repertoire (Very special for recitatives!) and lessons in Piano for any age, as well as voice.

While you are here researching the best opportunity for yourself to learn and pronunce correctly in Italian or play Piano, please consider the benefits of becoming a student at Italian Opera Studio.

Our Teacher Maestro Stefano Vignati is a renowned Italian Conductor, teaching at Drake University) with a long experience with Opera repertoire, please come to experience the real Italian taste of Music and Opera!!!

For more information on all our educational programs please contact:

Cell. Ph. 323 594 0890